No Official Dress Up Days · 27 January 2018

Christmas Sweater licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There is no official dress up day when going back to work or school in the new year, but it seems that the first days (or maybe even the first month) back are always, “Wear the Clothes You Got for Christmas” days.

I am not sure if it is as prominent or at least as noticeable these days as it used to be, but it seems that everybody likes to wear any clothes they got for Christmas on the first day back from New Year’s Day. Or maybe that is just me. I like to wear at least one article of clothing that I received as a Christmas present.

I like to display the Christmas presents because they show a little of the love and affection somebody feels for me. That somebody is usually my wife or my mother-in-law. Or both. Like it was this year. I proudly wore the shirts they gave me on two different days of that first week back. It is always fun to hear people compliment you on the new clothes and ask if they were Christmas presents. Not that anybody gave those compliments this year, but it is nice when they do. (Or maybe that is not done anymore since nobody says Christmas in public anymore.)

(Of course, it is not so great if people make any comments if you get underwear or socks. That usually means that something that should not be showing is showing or you put your clothes on wrong or you are trying to dress like Madonna.)

Well to make a short story a little longer, it is nice to watch people walk by in their shiny new outfits that they got for Christmas. They stand a little taller and walk a little prouder. They strut their stuff like they are on the catwalk. Just because they got a new sweater (even one of those loud ugly Christmas sweaters) or a new shirt or whatever the article of clothing might be.

I am not exactly sure of the psychology for people standing taller and prouder when they are in new clothes, but the old saying of “The clothes makes the man” is probably part of it. The clothes we wear can make the person. They can make people feel a little prouder or happier or newer. Just because the clothes are new. Or just because the new clothes make the person feel loved and appreciated. I do not think that is just me.

So even though it is not an official dress up day, I like the first few days back from Christmas break when everybody seems to be wearing those clothes they got as presents. I like the “Wear the Clothes You Got for Christmas” days.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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