Stupid Stuff · 17 February 2018

Sometimes I write stupid stuff. And then I post it.

Okay, truth be told, I usually post the stupid stuff. (Some of my friends tell me that all my stuff is stupid. But with friends like that…) Then again, who knows if it is stupid unless you post it. Well okay, I usually know. But I post it anyway.

So in reality, I guess that I am not that bright.

Truth be told, I try to write stuff to make people think or at least muse a bit. I try to write stuff that is pertinent to my life, albeit usually my foibles and follies. I try to write about writing. And of course, I try to write about God. Not all at the same time, but I usually touch on all those topics at some point in my musings. Which means that I am not thought of as an expert in anything. Except maybe me. Which means I do not have any real wisdom spewing forth about any topic.

Which is the whole point about my Musings anyway. I just write about me. (I think there is a song about that. Or at least about being me.) Or at least I write about things that interest me or are important to me.

When I started this whole blog thing, I never realized that it would take on a life of its own. I never realized that it would become more than just a place to publish my writing and get out a body of work. I never realized that I could say so much about nothing. I never realized how often I could say “I never realized” in one paragraph. I just thought I was doing what writers do. Write and publish.

Oh sure, writers do need an audience. (If a writer writes in the woods, does he make any sense? And even if he does would it matter if he did not have any internet access to post that silly blog that he wrote on a piece of bark that nobody else can read anyway?) Or at least people think that they do. In reality, writers are like other artists. They practice their art whether they have any readers or not. They post whether anybody follows them or not. They have a social media presence whether anybody retweets or reposts or recycles them or not. It is just part of who we are. Or at least it is part of who I am. I just need to write.

Well, I am not exactly sure where this has gotten me. I know that I write stupid stuff. I know that I post stupid stuff. And I know that usually somebody will read it and tell me I wrote stupid stuff. (Thanks Marc and Mike.) But it does not really matter. I write to write. It is part of who I am. Part of the way God created me. And so even if I only have a few readers (both real and imaginary), I write and post. Even if it is just stupid stuff.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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