Strange Social Media Phenomenon · 10 March 2018

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I think I may have stumbled upon a strange social media phenomenon. People like the strangest things.

I have been on social media for a long time now. Or at least it seems so. Even so, I still do not get too wrapped up in it. I do not spend hours on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Quite honestly, I still mostly just use it to promote my writing (even though I do not do that much). Oh sure, I like to play the digital voyeur to check on what people are doing. (A few of my cousins are doing tough mudders and marathons and all sorts of crazy things. And most of them are older than me.) But I do not get too wrapped up in posting stuff about myself. I suppose I am supposed to do that if I am really promoting my writing, but something in me goes against the thought of posting too much about myself. Besides, it would mean spending hours on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which is something I am loathe to do.

One of the things I do enjoy is looking at trending hashtags on Twitter. Sometimes I find one that I comment on. I just take a couple seconds and pound out those 140 characters (more now). Sometimes I write a #6WordStory. Sometimes I make a comment about #WhatsHappening. Sometimes I just see something that #TripsMyTrigger and so I write a quick thought.

That was what happened on #NationalPancakeDay. I happened to see it and said something about how the day ought to happen on a Saturday like our household pancake day does. I also happened to mention how the #PrincessBride30th Anniversary was crazy and quoted a line. Silly thoughts that do not really mean much. But inconceivably, those were the posts that garnered likes and comments. Not the blog posts where I labored on each word and poured out my heart and soul. Not the posts that point to where I put in my blood, sweat, and tears. (My blog for those that did not get the reference. By the way, I know that explaining the joke or reference takes the humor and fun out of said joke or reference. Ah well…)

Okay. I do not really put that much effort into my blog. Well I do, but I don’t. Words just usually flow and so I do not need to put in too much blood, sweat, and tears. (Notice the Oxford comma.) I just love to write so the words usually come without that much effort. Besides, I only have a few real and imaginary readers, so there are not that many people who nitpick my stuff. And fewer still who post on my social media (or directly to my blog, hint, hint).

Which is why I wrote that people like the strangest things. They comment and like or love something based purely on what they feel in the moment. Which is not usually about something that takes more than a few seconds to read. Or so it seems. Maybe I stumbled upon a strange social media phenomenon. Or maybe I just made a few people mad, by writing this post. What a strange phenomenon is social media.

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