Poetry and Rhyme · 7 April 2018

I know that poetry now is not supposed to rhyme
But I’ve been a rhymer for all of my time.
I like the meter, the flow, and the sound of a rhyme;
I might be a rapper, if my mind could find time
To say what it thinks in the time of a beat
That would be fun. That would be neat.
To hear the beat box and say what comes to mind
And have it make sense and have it all rhyme.
But unless the poem is a rap or a song
People these days seem to think rhymes are all wrong.

I should not complain and I really don’t care
I like to rhyme, I like to talk to the air
I write poetry for my own sake, nobody else’s
(But I do not think there’s a rhyme for the word “else’s.”)
Still, I write and I rhyme just because I’m supposed to
After all, I believe they’re what God calls me to do
So each day I write, and sometimes I rhyme
Then whether it’s great or it stinks, I post it online
So whether you like it or not, I just do it
And for me there is just nothing to it.

So whether it’s right or it’s wrong to do rhyming
I like it when thoughts are said with some timing
I like the flow, the meter, the sound
Of a poem that has a rhyming sound
And even when I mess up and rhyme words with themselves
I still like to rhyme as if I was an elf
Or a poet with style and an audience
Or a writer who writes and makes any sense
Yes, despite what they might say about a poem that rhymes
I still like to write them for now and all times.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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