Prayers Unanswered · 14 April 2018

Praying Hands
by Albrecht Dürer
This work is in
the public domain.

We sometime think that prayers go unanswered
That though we pray our prayers are unheard
That we cry in vain to our heavenly father
So we wonder why we should even bother
But prayer is not like a wish sent to heaven
God is not a genie granting wish number seven
He is our Father taking care of us
He knows what we need regardless of our fuss
So when we think God is heedless of our request
We need to remember He is acting for our best

Sometimes we need a change of view
Things might look bleak to me and you
But God really knows what He is doing
We need His lens for our life to be viewing
Sometimes we can see it in the rear view mirror
The prayer that we prayed really reached the Hearer
He just knows all, so He had to say, “No,”
Even though He knew it would pain us so
Still He saw the then, not just the now
You’d make it through, though you knew not how

So when we think that God does not hear us
Even though we cry and make a big fuss
Even though we think it is our fervent plea
Remember that he cares for you and me
He knows what is best and he knows all our needs
And he cries with us when he hears all our pleas
For things that we know not how they should go
We just have to trust that He loves us so
And remember that we can know that he cares
Even when we think God has forgotten our prayers

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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