Poetry o Poetry · 21 April 2018

Erato from Monte Calvo
by ChrisO
Licensed under
CC BY-SA 3.0

Poetry o Poetry you have come back to me
Or else it is I who have come back to thee
I suppose in the end that it matters not
Even if I am coming because with Prose I have fought
When it comes right down to it I just like to rhyme
For the rhythm of writing is just about time
After all, writing flows when it has some smooth meter
Especially when it is that iambic pentameter

Poetry o Poetry I have come back to you
I would not say it was from your coop that I flew
I just put you aside to pursue that muse Prose
I still love you both in truth I suppose
Still, there are times, when I write, when I rhyme
And it seems that the two are exclusive in time
I write every day and I rhyme when I feel
Or when the thoughts of the day all do congeal

Poetry o Poetry how faithfully you wait
I can come back to you without setting a date
Though the words do not always just seem to flow
There is a way about you that I never did know
And when words and ideas fail me at ten
I know that I can come back to you again
Poetry o Poetry I have come back to thee
I am just glad that you have never left me

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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