Summer’s Almost Here · 9 June 2018

Academic Costume
by Gardner Cotrell Leonard
This work is in
the public domain.

I know I should be glad
     that summer’s almost here
But all I feel is dread
     that the end is drawing near.
No, I do not fear apocalypse
     or anything so drear
It’s that I do not like the fact that
     the close of school is here.

For we have to say “Goodbye”
     at the end of each school year
To the graduating class
     whose hearts we hold so dear
To the children who not so long ago
     came to us in fear
Now they’re all grown up
     and so we give a cheer.

“Congratulations graduates!”
     Now we’ll send you on your way
I hope we shared some wisdom
     as you’ve come to us each day
I hope we helped you get ready for
     each bright and shiny day
And I hope you will remember us
     as you go along your way.

For I’ll remember you
     even if it is just by your last name
I’ll remember you
     and I’ll be so glad you came
I’ll remember you regardless of
     whether you attain great fame
And hopefully you’ll remember us
     and be so glad you came.

So please excuse me if I do not like
     the fact that summer’s almost here
Please forgive me that I feel such dread
     that the end is drawing near.
But I’m so glad we got to spend
     some time together here.
Congratulations graduates!
     Know that in my heart I hold you dear.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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