Where Has the Time Gone? · 16 June 2018

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Here it is the end of another school year and I am wondering where the time has gone. I am wondering what the students have learned. I am wondering what I have learned. And I am wondering if I am still doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I hope the answers are lots, lots, and yes.

Most of my students have learned lots. They have learned how to program computers or how to make cool 3D stuff on computers. They have learned that work ethic is important. Some have found their passion. Others have found that their passions lie somewhere other than in the subjects I teach. And still others have found that they just like to be in my crazy environment.

I know I have learned lots. First and foremost is that I am sure I know less than I thought I knew. It is the old maxim: the more you know, the more you realize how little you know. I have realized this over and over again, and still, it never ceases to amaze me. (Of course, my friend Marc is always quick to point out that he has always known how little I truly know. But that is a different story.) But seriously, I learned a lot more Java than I knew before, I learned that I can still program computers, and I learned there are many more ways to use CAD software than could ever be learned in just a year of class. I also learned that you can never stop learning. Or at least you never should. For even when you are learning, you are probably going backwards. (It goes back to that thing about realizing how little I really know.) I also learned a lot more about throwing the shot, discus, and javelin. (Yet another story.)

The answer to the third question is also yes. I am supposed to be teaching and coaching. And believe it or not, writing. I do the best to listen to what God is telling me about all three questions, but especially the one about doing what I am supposed to be doing. After all, I want to be the one saying, “Here I am, Lord.” And whether He tells me to stay or to go, I want to be the one saying, “Yes, Lord.”

No. I do not look for signs, but I have said since I started teaching that I would do it as long as I was having fun. I probably should amend that and say that I will keep teaching and coaching as long as I am having fun, the kids are having fun, and we are all still learning. And as long as they will still have me.

Each year flies by quickly. Seemingly quicker than the year before. And as I stop to think about where the time has gone, I reflect on my original questions. I hope my students keep learning. I hope I am still learning. And I hope that I am still doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Another year has gone by. All too quickly.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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