Journey to the Edge of the Earth · 11 August 2018

We took a journey to the edge of the earth. Or at least what they call the northwestern most part of the contiguous United States. All I know is that it seemed like the edge of the earth.

Believe it or not, I am not a flat earther. I have been to the ocean where I have seen that the earth must curve because we cannot see past a few miles. Think about it. If the earth was flat, you ought to be able to see Japan or China on a clear day. At any rate, I know the earth is not flat because even though I only saw fog out there on the ocean, I did not hear the roar of water crashing over the edge of the earth. Still, it sure seemed like we walked to the edge of the earth when we got to the end of the Cape Flattery Trail.

You might think that getting to the edge of the earth ought to be a simple thing, but getting to Cape Flattery is quite the journey. So if you are a destination person instead of a journey (not the band) person, you might think of going to a different edge of the earth. After all, you go from deserted place to deserted place through deserted place. Or so it seems. It was over 45 miles from one state highway to the edge of the earth. Then, instead of being able to go on some loop to where the vampires live (in Forks), we had to go back on those same 45 miles through the same deserted places to get to the same deserted place before we could visit the home of the Washington vampires and werewolves.

It was still worth it. I enjoyed the view (even though there was fog out on the ocean and in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were up high looking down upon the ocean and little islands and outcroppings of land. It was amazing. Awe-inspiring. Yes. I would have liked to have seen China or at least the curvature of the earth rising up (so that I could not see any part of Asia), but I enjoyed both the scenery and the company. After all, our whole family was there. We had a great trip to the edge of the earth.

The hike (the journey at the destination) was nice too although it was all downhill on the way there and uphill the whole way back. You would think that somebody could make a path that was more relaxing on the return trip. A tough hike to see the vista makes more sense than a tough hike to get back to your car to drive that return trip through a deserted land filled with nothing but trees, trees, and more trees. Thankfully, it was not that tough a hike. And I was happy to be away from the edge of the cliffs as well as the edge of the earth.

If you love the journey and the company you keep while taking the journey, you will love taking your family to the Cape Flattery Trail. I did. We took a wonderful hike to see the fog at the edge of the earth. And it was worth every minute and every step (and every mile in the car too).

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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