Thanksgiving Thanks · 23 November 2007

On Thanksgiving, we will spend time with our family and give thanks for all our blessings. Regardless of whose house we are at, we will probably each get a chance to share what we are thankful for. Then somebody will say grace and express special thanks to God for all our blessings. Especially, our family.

This year, we will give a special thanks for Thing 3. For those who have not been keeping track, Thing 3 is our third child who I am trying to keep anonymous from my hordes of fans and the relentless paparazzi. His birthday is on Thanksgiving this year and every year that November 1, falls on Thursday. He will, of course, be spoiled a bit because he will see my parents and one of my brothers. We will get pizza and cake the day before his birthday and then the next day we will have a feast for Thanksgiving. Which will of course be like another birthday celebration with not just our family but my brother’s in-laws as well. It will be a great celebration with lots of food, family, and fun. Thing 3 will essentially get two birthdays for the price of one.

Besides at least a two day celebration for birthday and Thanksgiving, I like the Thanksgiving holiday because it is a great time to get together with family. We do not really need birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, and other special occasions to get together but it seems that time and space keep us apart except for those special times. Everybody is so busy with life and we all live so far away that we seldom see each other. For some people, that fact would be something to be thankful on Thanksgiving. But for me, it is one more reason to long for the good ole days when everybody still lived near their family and nobody really moved far away. I have never really seen those days but I long for them just the same.

Before I get too melancholy, I must say that despite the fact that I live too far away from my family, I still have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Both my brothers have wonderful families and one just added to his. My sister and brother who live near San Diego were close to but did not get displaced or ravaged by the fires. My mom and dad and all the family are healthy. And even though we do not talk as much as we probably should, we all have pretty good relationships with each other. All of these things deserve special thanks.

Even though I do not know whether I will have a black eye from playing in a Turkey Bowl football game or whether I will have eaten a little or a lot too much or whether I will have one or two naps on Thanksgiving, I do know that I will enjoy every moment with my family. And even though those who read this column online will already have had their feast or will already have served in or eaten at a soup kitchen or will already have spent their time with family and other loved ones, I hope that the feeling of thanks permeates all our beings throughout the year instead of just one day. I know that God has blessed me with a child’s birthday and a loving family this year and always. I hope that I can bless others with my words and with my life.

I hope everyond had a great Thanksgiving. May it last more than just one day or one weekend.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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