Irony · 6 October 2018

It is ironic that I posted my musing about having a large writing inventory when my inventory was low. Or at least lower than it was when I originally wrote it.

I love irony. (My friend Mike would love it if I loved ironing. But that is a much different word. And story.) I love when the words you say (or write) are the opposite of what you mean. I even love it when this happens by accident.

I really did have a big inventory of writing when I wrote about having a big inventory of writing. I just never had the opportunity to post it. There were other timely writings that I had to post. Or that I wanted to post. Which meant that the post about having an inventory kept getting pushed back.

It was nice when my inventory was large (a few weeks of posts is large to me), but when it came down to it, I finally posted it when I had just a small inventory. (I ran out of posts or the ones I had were not timely.) Which is, of course, ironic. And maybe a bit moronic.

There are times when I should probably post more than one blog post a week. When I have more than one timely piece. But I always think I have time to post those secondary posts. So I save them up and post them a week or so later. When they are not quite as timely. It is okay though. I am sure my readers (both real and imaginary) do not mind. After all, I am just musing not amusing. So it does not really matter when I am musing.

Like I said, my writing is probably moronic as much as ironic.

When I think of real writers writing real irony, I think of Marc Antony’s speech in Julius Caesar. “Brutus is an honorable man.” Over and over again, “Brutus is an honorable man.” Shakespeare knew irony. As did Mark Twain and many other wonderful writers. Of course, the best thing about good writers of irony is that you know what they are saying even when they are saying the opposite thing. (Ever heard of A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift?)

At any rate, I do enjoy irony. Saying the opposite of what I mean is fun. And I find it amusing that I posted my piece about having a large inventory when I actually had a small inventory. Even though I never meant it to be, it was a nice piece of irony. (And a little bit of poetry.)

I know. More moronic than ironic. Ah well.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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