Pumpkin Carving Tradition · 3 November 2018

I called it silly, but maybe pumpkin carving is not such a silly tradition.

We used to carve pumpkins every year when the kids were younger. It was fun scooping out the guts and then cutting open those orange gourds to make fabulous creations. Well, they might not have all been fabulous. But at least they were creations. At any rate, we had a great time doing it.

As the boys got older, they did not want to carve pumpkins as much. Come to think of it, we probably stopped doing it as a family when Thing 1 moved out. The younger two were not as enthusiastic about the whole pumpkin carving. So as they got into high school, we got out of the tradition.

I could hardly stand it. I did not carve pumpkins for a few years, but I had to do start carving again. Even without the kids. So I did. I even invite Thing 1 over when he has the time. Which is what I was waiting for this year. I was hoping he would come over and carve pumpkins with me like when he was a kid. But alas, he was not able to make it.

I still carved a pumpkin anyway.

It was actually quick. I carved Pikachu. And a boo on the back. Just the word, “BOO.” It is always fun to carve the word backwards on the back of the pumpkin because the light shines out the back to show the word forward on the wall. Not that Pikachu ever says, “Boo,” but it is an easy word to carve.

Maybe one day my kids will want to carve pumpkins again. Or maybe the next generation will want to do so. But it does not really matter. I will still carve pumpkins. Because it is definitely not a silly tradition.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Those are some very cool pumpkins.

    Lydia · 5 November 2018, 11:11 ·

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