Ode to a Year · 29 December 2018

An ode to a year that has just gone before
As we kneel down to pray that God grant us one more
Let us count all our blessings, at least three-sixty-five
The days of the year that we have been alive

But life is much more than living day after day
More than fending off sickness, than keeping errors at bay
More than food that we eat, more than words that we say
More than shows that we watch, more than games that we play

Praying Hands
by Albrecht Dürer
This work is in
the public domain.

Yes life is so full of the blessings God gives
Of all the good times, of all the days that one lives
Yes there is hurt, there is pain and there’s strife
The saying is trite, but those are all part of life

So despite all the hurt, all the pain, all the strife
I will still count all the blessings of life
And I will thank God for my family and friends
I will continue to pray until this life ends

The blessings of life I shall count one, two, three
Health, joy, and peace have been granted to me
And lest I forget they all come from above
Now abide these three more: faith, hope, and love

But most of my blessings are the people I know
They are far more precious than things, as we know
Co-workers and friends and, of course, family
My wonderful wife and our grown-up boys, three

All the blessings I have, from this year and before
All the blessings I have, now and forevermore
Are the people I know, all the people I love
All the people I know, God sent to me from above

And when all is done, and when all is said
And when all the words of this poem are read
The blessings are you and the journey we’ve shared
The times that we’ve spent, and the dreams that we’ve dared

This ode to a year that has gone on before
Is an ode to my family and my friends at its core
For the days that we spent in this year almost through
Have meant so much more because I spent it with you.

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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