Blog Jam · 12 January 2019

It seems that I am in a bit of a blog jam. I am not exactly sure what a blog jam is, but it seems I am in one. I have blog posts ready to post and yet I am not sure I have anything to write. Not that I have been writing about much from day one, but today it seems even worse than ever. I have writing material, but no substance. Again, not a new situation, but still…

I have been writing my blog since 2007. And I have been writing consistently for even longer than that. The year 2007 is just the year that I started my own website and got this whole blog thing going. Now, apparently it has a life of its own. And the thing about something living is that the something must be fed. My blog must have its weekly ration or the blogger goes a bit crazy. (Crazier is probably more correct.)

At any rate, I have been rambling for more than a decade now, and even though I only have about as many Facebook fans as I did when I first got on Facebook, I still need to keep rambling. I still need to keep musing. And yes, I still need to keep striving to reach the level of mediocrity consistent with my moniker – MediocreMan.

One of the consistent or persistent themes of what I write is that I write about when I have nothing to write. Those times when I do not have anything seem to be few and far between now, but they do come. There are just times in my life when I do not have much relevant to say. No ideas. Or at least no words to say those ideas. Those are certainly times of blog jams. Nothing comes down the pike because there is nothing to come down. Or because there is no pike. Those times of few words are not fun, but they do happen. I usually just plow through and write something anyway. Even if it is just blah, blah, blah.

Fortunately, those times of nothing to say are few and far between. The more recent blog jams are those when I have much to say, but little to blog about. Little to put in a book even. That seems to be the type of blog jam I am now in. I just write and write and write, but nothing really comes out. Just word after word and sentence after sentence. (Many ending in prepositions.)

But I digress. Blog jams are really just excuses. I can get out and do stuff to help my blog jam. I can create. I can write. I can rhyme. I can do what all writers do to get out of their funk. I can go get ice cream. At least the dairy free kind.

Well, I have spent enough time writing about blog jams. I really do have a collection of inventory to put out there to the masses, but even so, I still have little substance to write about at the moment. I do not know how I got here, but it seems I am in a bit of a blog jam. And I am not quite sure how to get out of it. Except to just write.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. I hope you come up with more ideas soon!

    Lydia · 14 January 2019, 06:57 ·

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