Spring Sports · 23 February 2019

Do you know how you can tell spring sports are just around the corner? The signs are unmistakable. Snow is in the air. And on the ground.

I do not live the Midwest or anywhere where there is real snow four to six months of the year. I live in the Pacific Northwest where snow is not the norm. Winter or anytime. So towns and cities seemingly close whenever there is a whiff of snow. Or at least that is the way it used to be. I even remember a time when many schools closed when there was a prediction of snow, but no snow came. But that was before the meteorologists started getting so good at predictions. At least a couple years ago. At any rate, here in our area, snow extends weekends and school years. But it does not postpone spring sports.

Which brings me back to my original thought. You can always tell when high school spring sports are about to begin around here because the snow begins to fall. Practices are just around the corner, and the snow is still on the ground. The timing is perfect.

I know. I should not complain. And I am not really. It is just that the timing is funny. Ironic. And it actually gets better. For as soon as the snow stops (but the cold hangs around), the showers start. Even before April. And often (at least around here), the showers are deluges. Monsoon season is spring sports season. Ah well. At least we do not get real monsoons. Not very often anyway.

But back to the snow. And the sports.

It is ironic that the sports that are played in the spring are the sports that really need the good weather. Track and Field, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Tennis. After all, it is tough to do any of those sports with snow on the ground or the court. I am not sure whether it would do any good, but at least for high schools around here, it might make sense to switch when some of the sports are played.

Ah well. I am not really here to comment about that.

I am just observing and lamenting about what many of our spring sports coaches observe and lament every year. You can tell that spring sports are just around the corner around here because of the weather. Snow and rain and cold are in store for the foreseeable future. The signs are unmistakable.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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