Snopocalypse 2019 · 2 March 2019

Snopocalypse 2019 has been quite the adventure.

I remember when the weather people used to be about 50 percent right. They said snow was coming, but it never did. Or if it did, there was just a dusting. People would be all worried about the big storm and a few flakes would fly. “That’s it?!” was the response. Or the opposite would happen. The weather folks would say the storm might give us a few drops of rain, but a monsoon hit. Those were the good ole days of weather prediction. Spin the wheel and just give the prediction with confidence and conviction. People thought you were a crackpot anyway.

Not so today. Today, weather predictions seem to be right on. To the inch and within a few hours. Or maybe a day. Those weather satellites and computer models seem to be getting better and better at predicting what storm is headed our way.

I for one am glad of that. After all, if the predictions had not been so reliable, I might still be stuck at work two weeks after the first storm hit. We all went home a little early. Right before the clouds dumped snow. And that ended up being the light day. Just a couple inches. Who knew the snow was going to keep coming for a couple weeks? I suppose we all did because the weather people told us so.

Still, even though they told us, I did not think we would get that much snow. Wow!

I like the snow. I like going out and breathing the fresh air after it has snowed a few inches. Or more. And I actually like to shovel the driveway and get everything ready for when the snow stops and we can get in our vehicles and drive again. Besides, when you shovel the driveway and the walkway every snowfall, they are easier to maintain if the snow keeps falling. And falling and falling. So far during Snopocalypse 2019, I have shoveled three or four days.

Believe it or not, I have had fun shoveling.

Part of the reason I have had so much fun shoveling is because I have made a couple time lapse videos of my quest to keep the driveway and walkway clean. I even made music on the first one and a soundtrack for another. And I have a third one done as well. (All are on YouTube.)

Besides the videos and being able to be creative, I have staved off cabin fever and boredom by going outside. Shoveling the snow has been a welcome relief to boredom and the snoredom that our kids seem to have been afflicted with. It used to be that we would all go out and tromp through the snow or go sledding or make snow forts or igloos. Now, they sleep or play inside on their computers. I just go outside and dig us out. Dig, dig, dig. Quite refreshing.

It is also a good workout. The snow we have gotten is heavy. Each shovelful has been a challenge to move out of the way. But it is helping me get in shape. (Yes, round is a shape.) Shoveling is helping me stay fit. And sane.

Thankfully, Snopocalypse 2019 has only affected the roads and sidewalks. Which means we have not gone on many adventures in the vehicles. But at least I have avoided cabin fever and snoredom. I have not been bored one bit during our two weeks in the house (with a couple breaks).

Maybe it has not been the most outrageous adventure, but Snopocalypse 2019 has been a great time. Especially, for those of us who were prepared thanks to the weather people and for those who like to dig.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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