Another Christmas Morn · 25 December 2007

My brother woke us up again
     It was Christmas morn
He didn’t stomp or shake the bed
     He called us on the horn
Even though he’s far away
     Christmas wouldn’t be the same
If everybody wasn’t up
     By five in the A.M.

I guess it’s ritual to us
     To be awake so soon
For on any other day
     We’d rather sleep ‘til noon
But Christmas is a special day
     For it we could not wait
And every year up late we’d stay
     And early we would wake.

On Christmas day our eyes would light
     To presents that we’d see
We’d run around and stack them up
     Around the Christmas tree
And quietly we’d traipse around
     To ‘waken everyone
So we could all our toys unwrap
     And start to have our fun.

It seems that kids are we inside
     For early still we wake
It’s not just for tradition
     Or even for old time’s sake
I guess that we awake excited
     Because we like to see
The happy glow of smiling faces
     Around the Christmas tree.

© 2007 Michael T. Miyoshi

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From Musings of a Mediocre Man ©1998


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