Fantasy Football Contemplation · 31 August 2019

For some reason, the fall seems to be a time of reflection and contemplation. Especially, when it comes to fantasy football.

I know it seems a bit shallow and silly, but there is something about fantasy football. Maybe it is just that it gives people something to talk about besides the weather. Maybe it is because there are statistics involved. Maybe it is because it gives people a reason to get together. Even if it is just online. Whatever it is, there is something deeper about fantasy football than just two teams bashing their heads (sorry shoulders) together to see who gets the pigskin into the end zone or through the uprights the most times.

Football is surely a physical game. Not a contact sport, but a collision sport. Those sculpted bodies hurtling toward each other at incredible speeds ensures many collisions. Those huge bodies duking it out on the front lines to get those other bodies lanes to run through endure huge collisions too. Collision after collision after collision. It is brutal, and yet exciting.

But football is also a cerebral sport. There are strategies and tactics. Not just from the coaches. Athletes get to know their opponents’ tendencies and weaknesses. They understand that they need to use different blocking and running and defensive techniques on different opponents. They know that they must work as a single unit on every play to be the best that they can be as a team. And so they study. They watch and learn. And they buy into the strategy that they will unleash on their opponent.

Maybe that is why football is so popular. It is both brutal and brainy at the same time. I do not really know. And really, each person is different. Or even indifferent.

Fantasy football brings another perspective to the game. It brings in a different kind of brains. A different kind of strategy. For people with fantasy teams do not root for teams. Not really. They root for players. They groan when their teams give the ball to the wrong running backs for a touchdown. Or when their quarterbacks throw interceptions. They cheer for long passes to their guys. They roar when their defenses score pick sixes. But when it comes down to it, fantasy football is a numbers game. It is putting the right players on the field at the right time.

Which brings me back to reflection and contemplation. Draft strategies are different depending on what format your league has and who is in your league. I always play to win, but I am never sure what players are the best. For the most part, I let the computer do its thing. But I tweak the priorities a bit. I try to go for the best running back or quarterback or receiver in their proper order. And I try to think about who my opponents are. I contemplate their draft picks and their priorities.

Actually, I never think that hard about the fantasy draft. I just take what I get. After all, the stats will speak for themselves later. Last year’s statistics might have a bearing on what this year’s statistics will be, but who knows about those rookies? Or even those veterans? Who knows who will get hurt or who will retire? Who knows?

All I know is that I like fantasy football. I like playing against my friends and colleagues. And this year, I am going to enjoy playing with my cousins. When all is said and done, somebody will win the bragging rights and trophy for the year. And it might come down to who has done the most reflection and contemplation about this year’s fantasy football season.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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