Reading Your Own Stuff · 28 September 2019

I do not do it very often, but sometimes I read my own stuff. And sometimes I cringe.

I have been blogging since 2007. (Actually a little longer than that, but who is counting.) Since that time, I have written hundreds of posts. And from time to time, I have even gone back and read some of those posts. Some of them are okay. Some of them are not so okay. And like I said, some of them make me cringe.

The nice thing about blogging for a long time, or for that matter doing anything for a long time, is that you can see your progress over time. You can see whether you are getting better or worse as time goes on. At least if you check yourself. If you can stand to read your own writing.

There are times when I read my own writing and ask, “Did I do that?” Sometimes it is in a good way. As if maybe my stuff really does belong out there with the real writers. And sometimes it is like the way Urkel used to say it on the TV show, Family Matters, when he did something wrong. “Did I do that?” (Maybe you can even hear his voice like I do.)

At any rate, I think I have made some overall progress in my writing. I do not put as much garbage on the internet as I used to. (At least, not that I have reread.) I do not wonder at my choice of hobbies as much as I used to. But I still end as many sentences with prepositions as I used to. All of which means progress to me. (Especially, the one about putting less garbage on the internet.)

Some might disagree with my assessment. They might say that I am still a long way from being a mediocre man. (And an even longer way from being anything like a supposed superhero MediorcreMan. Which is another story. One that I actually wrote.) Still, regardless of whether my friends or fans think I have gotten any better at writing, I will continue to write and post. And I will continue to get better. Even if it is just by my own assessment.

So even though I do not do it often, I do read my own stuff. I am just glad that I do not cringe as much as I used to.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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