Someone to Be There · 2 November 2019

Praying Hands
by Albrecht Dürer
This work is in
the public domain.

When we face times of grief and despair
We just need to know that somebody’s there
Somebody to cry with, somebody to hug
Somebody to sit with us there on the rug
Somebody to listen, somebody to hear
Somebody who offers just to be near
Somebody at sundown, somebody at dawn
Somebody to offer a shoulder to cry on
Somebody who might not say one single word
Especially something that might sound absurd
Somebody who knows me, somebody who cares
Yes, we just need to know that somebody’s there
For nobody wants to grieve all alone
Nobody needs to cry all alone
But everybody needs someone to be there
In times when we have so much grief and despair
So I turn to Jesus who calls me His son
He is the somebody, He is the One
I turn to Him in my grief and despair
I know that He will always be there
He will be there when I need someone
He will be there when all’s said and done
So I’m here for you as He’s been here for me
I’ll bear His light so that you can see
I’ll be His hands and His arms that hug you
I’ll help bear your burdens and carry you through
I’ll be His light that can shine in your life
The light that can help in your stress and your strife
Yes, I’ll be with you in times of grief and despair
Because we all need someone to be there

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Excellent!
    When ask why society is so bad?
    Ask what has changed?
    Do you, your family, your friends pray?
    Go to Church and learn the teachings of our Savior?
    I say to all, “The is a ripple effect of Pray and worship.”
    Attitude of Gratitude

    — Laura · 30 October 2019, 06:46 ·

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