Without a Rhyme or Reason · 9 November 2019

Here today, gone tomorrow, without a rhyme or reason.

A friend sent that sentiment to me the other day. He wondered if the rhyme was a reason and whether rhyme was really a word. Or something like that. Actually, he just commented on rhyme being a strange word after he wondered if the rhyme was a reason for something being here today and gone tomorrow. Like I said, something like that.

Well not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I thought that maybe I could turn his thoughts into a poem. Or at least a blog post. We shall see.

Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Here today, gone tomorrow, without a rhyme or reason.
Time is marching ever on, it is how we get the seasons.
But is life just so simple, does time just roll on by?
Or should we stop and think? Should we wonder, “Why?”
Should we think about the world, about the stars, the sun, the moon?
Or how regardless of who we are, life ends all too soon?
I suppose it all depends upon, where your heart it at.
Or if you want to think at all. Can you imagine that?
Yes life is all too fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow.
We need to cherish all of life, even cherish all the sorrow.

Okay. Not such a great poem. But that is okay. After all.

I like to rhyme.
Not all the time.
But I like to rhyme.
Some of the time.

Again, not a great poem. Or maybe not even a poem. Just a few silly words strung together. Still, it is much better than the worn out saying:

You’re a poet.
And you don’t even know it.

Which is what I should have replied to my friend. (Apparently, rhyming was never a requirement to be a poet.)

Well, that is about it. I am not really sure there was a rhyme or reason behind this blog post. Except that I got an email from a friend stringing two sayings together. Like his thought that ended abruptly, so I will abruptly end this post. So it can just go from your mind. So it can be here today and gone tomorrow, without a rhyme or reason.

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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