I Hate Being Sick · 15 February 2020

Clinical Thermometer
by Menchi
(Alteration: size changed)
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

I hate being sick. Especially, with a fever.

I left school one day recently being cold. Icy cold. I had put on my jacket somewhere after the middle of the day and never took it off until I got home. I did not think that I had a fever until somewhere in the middle of an after school meeting. But when I got home, the thermometer said I had a fever. Mild but still a fever. And enough to make me feel as cold as ice.

I was actually going to write about being sick while I was sick, but I was not necessarily thinking straight. In fact, I did not do anything for four days while I was nursing that fever. It went up and down just a bit, and then, it finally went away. Not quite time to hoot and holler though. I still felt a bit out of it and a bit weak.

I suppose there can be a silver lining to anything. My silver lining is that I did not need to commute through the mess that is caused by a single road closure near my destination. That one road closure bottles up everything and makes traffic a nightmare. I guess that happens when you close up half of the ways in and out of town.

Well, that is about it. My brain still needs to start working again as I get ready for normalcy. Whatever that means. I hate being sick.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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