Naps and Permanent Markers · 22 February 2020

Technology is amazing. Nowadays, you do not need a permanent marker when your friends take naps.

I do not know that I have done it, but there is always that temptation to do a little doodling when somebody is taking a nap in a public place. You just want to grab the Sharpie and put a mustache under your sister’s nose when she is sleeping on the couch while “watching” a movie. Or maybe you want to make your brother pay for the last time he teased you mercilessly so you put hearts and flowers on his manly cheeks. Of course, when you grab that permanent marker, you take your own life in your hands. Especially if your napping friend or relative is a light sleeper. Or vengeful.

Not that I would know. I have not succumbed to that particular temptation of doodling on people’s faces. However, nowadays you do not need a permanent marker and you can still publicly humiliate your friends and relatives on the internet. There is an app for that. All you need to do is take a picture, modify it with the app, post it on social media, and voilà, instant humiliation. Or stardom. Or something like that.

I ought to know. I have fallen victim to such an app.

Actually, I do not think of myself as a victim. Whenever anybody ridicules me or makes fun of me, I just think to myself, “Somebody loves me.” Or at the very least, I think that somebody is paying a little attention to me. Either way, I think of whatever attention I get as a form of love.

By the way, we all know that the internet is permanent. More permanent than those permanent markers used to be. So when you get a picture modifying app, make sure your relatives and friends can handle the exposure you are planning on giving them. (Did you catch the photography humor? I know. Not very funny when you need to point it out.) And be ready for payback. Unless your friends have old phones. Or are tech unsavvy.

One last thought. There must be some sort of etiquette to making fun of your friends with these graffiti apps. Or even with permanent markers. I tend to think that if a person is napping on the couch or some other public place, then they are in the playing field. Then again, I am not usually the one using the apps, I am usually the one taking the naps.

So next time you are napping in a public place, remember that there are people watching. And that with today’s technology, they do not need permanent markers. Although, there is great joy when people see somebody’s new mustache you drew.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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