Change the World · 13 June 2020

Praying Hands
by Albrecht Dürer

This work is in
the public domain.

A Poem for the Graduates of 2020

Amidst all the chaos and strife of this year
You might have felt trepidation or even some fear
COVID-19, deaths of classmates and friends
Made you wonder inside if bad news ever ends
Then murder and protests and riots and more
Made you believe only bad news is ever in store

But I must reassure you, it is good news I bring
Not just sunshine and roses because it is spring
Yes bad things do happen and bad news abounds
And all life can be just as bad as it sounds
But hold hope in your heart and let love abound
Let love flow inside you, then spread it around

Now, I know you can do this for you’ve done it before
You spread infectious love when you walked through the door
Your enthusiasm and spunk were all too contagious
Even when you wore clothes that were simply outrageous
But these things that you did were not just outward for you
Acts of kindness and caring were not just the things that you do

You held love inside and you cared for each other
Each person a friend, a dear sister or brother
Yes you are the reason I have hope deep inside me
Because you are the change that the world needs to see
For when you leave this place, you’ll take the whole world by storm
And you will decide what will be the new norm

I once heard it said that things will never get done
Unless you decide that you are the one
So take the bull by the horns, yes, you decide
And walk arm in arm with your friends by your side
And let the good that you do help to set people free
For the love that you give will change the world, watch and see

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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