Ode to a Super Woman · 27 June 2020

A poem to my mom. A real super woman.

You said you were a super woman
But we knew that all along
So I had to write about it
In a poem or a song

You wiped our noses and dried our eyes
When we cried about anything
You helped us to find our voices
You helped us to find our wings

You taught us about life
You taught us about God
You showed us the love of Jesus
The one and only Son of God

You showed us how to be parents
You showed us how to let things go
You showed us that the best in life
Are the people that we know

To this day we all know that
You are our biggest fan
You yell and scream and cheer so loud
As only Mom and Grandma can

You might not have leaped tall buildings
Stopped locomotives or crushed cars
But you showed us all that you love us
By holding us tightly in your arms

Yes, you showed us you are a super woman
By your supernatural love
But we are not yet ready
To feel your love only from above

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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