Summer Is Almost Here · 1 August 2020

It is August and I keep thinking that summer is almost here.

I am not going to blame it all on global climate change, but there is something strange about the weather this year. Actually, there is lots strange about this year in general, and the weather is probably the least of our worries. Depending on how much you think it really is global climate change that has made our summer seem like a mild spring so far. At least in the Pacific Northwest.

I do not like to place blame. It does not do any good. It is unproductive. Especially, when it has to do with people and situations. β€œHe said she said,” and all that jazz. Blaming somebody does nothing to correct the situation. Besides, it presupposes that the solution lies only with the person or thing or situation being blamed. Which may or may not be true. But it rules out any other possibilities for resolution.

I know. The last paragraph was mostly to do with people and the mess we create. Which may be (and probably is) the main cause of global climate change. But if I was the blaming type, I might blame COVID-19 for our cool summer. And maybe even all of our climate change.

I know it sounds strange, but just think about it. If it was not for COVID-19, there would be more vehicles on the streets. Which means more fuel being burned. Which means more natural resources being used to produce whatever source of fuel people are using (yes, that includes electric vehicles). And more resources being used means more heat being produced. Since people are staying home, there is less heat being generated which makes the summer cooler. Right?

Okay. Probably not the greatest logic there. In fact, people would argue that COVID-19 is doing the globe a huge favor by keeping people off the streets and away from each other. People do use less resources when they are at home. At least less of their own. But there are still deliveries that need to be made. And boxes to be made. There are plenty of activities going on that keep the economy going and the climate changing activities moving. Albeit, at a slower pace. Probably.

I do know one thing. I have used my computers as heating devices lately. When the temperature outside is lower than normal (which has seemingly been all summer so far here in the Pacific Northwest), I just huddle around my computers and soak in their radiating heat. Ah. The hum of hard drives and the heat of processing warms me to my core.

Not really. But they do remind me that staying home also means more internet usage and more data storage. Those huge data centers are pumping out heat all day and all night. Yes, using electricity uses resources. Sometimes, even non-renewable resources. So no matter who we are, we are using natural resources. Period. If you eat and breathe and just live your life, you are using resources. And you are contributing to global climate change. Maybe.

Well, I am not one to worry too much. Or blame too much. We all need to do what we all need to do. We need to live and breathe and eat. We need to use our resources wisely. And we need to figure out how to be good stewards of the earth. And of our time on this planet. Yes, we need to wisely use that most precious commodity of all – time.

Okay. I went a long way from where I started, but that is okay. I am still just wondering when summer will get here. I know it is coming. I am pretty sure that summer is almost here.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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