Digital Cobwebs · 29 August 2020

Sometimes I feel like my websites are dank and dark rooms full of digital cobwebs. Empty and unvisited.

If you have ever gone into an old house with a little used basement, you have probably gotten your face full of cobwebs as you tramp down the stairs. If not, you have probably seen it happen on some old movie. It is not a pleasant experience. But once you get past all those cobwebs, you realize that the room is dank and dark and musty and creepy. Even if the lights are on or it is broad daylight. Sometimes I feel like that is what my websites are like.

Actually, I never feel like that. I just thought it would be a good subject to write about. After all, I mentioned digital cobwebs in the pep talk I gave myself. So I figured I would describe what that might be like.

I do imagine that there are websites out there (and mine could actually be one) where people rarely if ever visit. (People tell me they read my stuff, but…) Those websites might be dank and dark and dusty if they were rooms instead of websites. And of course, those dusty and musty rooms would have cobwebs all over the place since nobody has been there for ages. Yes, those websites would have digital cobwebs all over the place.

But like rooms and other places that are not visited much, these websites with digital cobwebs might have some undiscovered treasures. Maybe they even have more treasures that a person could imagine. Probably not. After all, since it is a website, it just has words and pictures. (Even if those pictures are moving and have accompanying sound.) So while the website might have some real gems in it, it will not have any real gold.

Okay. So this whole digital cobwebs idea is not quite panning out like I thought it would. (Get it? Panning. Gold.) Which is okay. I suppose it is better than writing about poop. Or maybe not.

Well, I thought digital cobwebs might be a fun topic, but it turns out that nobody really wants to go to those websites with digital cobwebs. Unless they are pictures and have something to do with Halloween. Which is okay. My websites might have digital cobwebs because they are visited so seldom, but at least I got the cobwebs out of my head.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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