My Own Private Air Show · 26 September 2020

It is quite the treat to have your own private air show.

This past summer, I got to have my own private air show. Truth is, I got to have a private air show two days in a row. I took pictures the second day. Or at least I tried. Actually, I tried to take video and failed miserably. Still, it was fun to have my own private air show.

I am not sure why, but some pilot was flying above our town doing aerobatics. Loops and stalls and rolls. It was great fun to watch. Especially since it has been years since I have been to any air shows.

I love airplanes. Fast ones, slow ones, military ones. I love seeing them do all the fun stuff that I am sure they used to do at old fashioned barnstorming – loops, rolls, and stalls. I love to see them fly in formation like the Thunderbirds and (Canadian) Snowbirds and Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are my favorite. Just watching them do takeoffs and landings in formation is a thrill. I have fuzzy pictures of a single Blue Angel flying over my house from way back when. And I can spot those FA-18 Hornets a long way off.

Of course, I love watching those old planes do their thing too. Those biplanes with their upper and lower wings. And even the newer single wing planes flying around doing all the fancy stuff.

I was clued into the first day of the air show when I heard a strange noise that was oddly familiar. A plane sounded like it was struggling hard to climb. The engine sounded taxed to the max. I looked and looked in the sky to find the airplane. I finally saw it as it came out of its loop. Or some such aerobatic trick. And then I watched to see what else the pilot would do. I was not disappointed as I watched the plane, loop, roll, and stall. Well, at least it looped a few times.

I was impressed by the pilot above our house. I did not think pilots were supposed to loop and roll and stall above residential areas. But I did not mind. I just enjoyed the show. Of course, there was no wing walking or anything like that, but still, seeing a propellered plane doing all those fancy things was fun. I marveled at the pilot’s skills and daring. And like I said, I tried to take some pictures and video.

Well, if you ever hear a plane sound like it is revving its engine too high, look up in the sky to see what is happening. You might just get the thrill of getting your own private air show.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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