My Latest Book · 14 November 2020

I finished writing my latest book in record time.

Now a book is not really finished until it hits the presses. Literally or figuratively. (It is available digitally on Amazon.) Even then, there are sometimes fixes that need to be made. (Next edition.) Still, I am amazed that I finished my book’s rough draft in a couple months. And the finished product in less than a year.

I suppose it actually took a bit longer than a couple months to finish my latest book. I actually had a running start because the book started as a bunch of scripts for my YouTube channel. The thing is that I never felt comfortable in front of the camera with this particular subject. I either read the scripts or I could not say what I wanted to say. At least not in a very convincing manner. I never felt like an expert, so I scrapped the video idea.

Not to fear. I do not have the same compunction of putting something out there in writing as I do for video. You already know that if you have been reading my stuff for very long (and if you know that compunction is a sort of guilty feeling for doing something). So I wrote a book. Did I mention that it was in record time? At least it was for me.

You are probably wondering about now (or maybe three paragraphs ago) what the book is about. If so, you are in luck, because I am just about to tell you.

I wrote a Christian apologetics book. Apologetics with Miyoshi.

You might be wondering: What is apologetics? Or maybe you asked yourself the question: What do Christians have to apologize for? (Or maybe you even thought that Christians have a lot to apologize for.)

The internet provides a good answer for what apologetics is. (It is not about apologizing.) Apologetics is a reasoned approach to some subject. Or something like that. I would say apologetics is just backing up what you believe with reason. Something that people ought to do as a matter of course, but which many people have a tough time doing. Whether they believe that Christ died for their sins and was raised again in glory, or whether they believe the earth is flat.

People who know what apologetics is in the first place still do not necessarily think that they have anything to add to the conversation. Or they will not even attempt to reason with others because they believe that they are not experts. Like I said, I have no compunction when it comes to writing about just about anything. I will write about something whether I feel I have the expertise or not. But when it comes to Christian apologetics, I believe all followers of Jesus need to be able to articulate why they follow. They should be able to say why they believe what they believe.

Which is where my latest book comes in. I am just an average guy telling people that they can believe the Bible because it is reasonable to do so. And I am telling people that they can dig as deep into the Bible as they want, because it is truth. It can stand the scrutiny. Any amount.

Which is not to say that my writing can. I am sure there are holes in my writing. My arguments are sound, but I am not an expert. I say so in the introduction to the book. But this I know. I can trust the Bible, and I can trust God. And I assert that you can too.

One of the most interesting things about my latest book is not the subject. Rather, it is the way I finished it. I have never had too many people look at my writing before it is finished (which may be why not very many people have read much of my stuff to begin with), but with this book, I asked several people to read it. I wanted opposing points of view. I wanted criticisms and critiques. I wanted people to point out flaws and holes in my arguments. And those who did read it helped make my book more readable and less flawed. (Thanks especially to Eric.)

I do not know if anybody will read my latest book. But that is par for the course. So when it all comes down to it, all I really know is that I finished my latest book in record time. Even if I did have a running start.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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