Watching Old Movies Again · 21 November 2020

I do not choose movies very well. In fact, we end up stopping some of the movies I select after just a few minutes or so. Which is why instead of taking many chances on new movies, I end up watching the same movies over and over and over again. For at least I know I will like them. At least if I liked them before.

Despite the fact that I like to watch movies that I have seen before, some movies do not stand the test of time. I might have liked them before, but the story or the graphics or the special effects or something leaves much to be desired the second or third time around. Or it could be that my memory played tricks on me, and the story was not that great in the first (or second) place. On the flip side, there are some movies that I love every time I watch them.

I went to the University of Washington, but I only know the first four words of the fight song. “Bow down to Washington.” The funny thing is, I know almost all the words to Washington State University’s fight song. You probably think it is odd to know the cross state rival’s fight song. (And you probably think this paragraph does not seem to fit. But it will make sense in a moment.)

The funny thing is, if you watched movies in the mid-eighties, you probably know WSU’s fight song too. Both the words and the melody. You might even sing along in your head as you read the next paragraph.

Fight, fight, fight for Washington State. Win the victory. Win the day for crimson and gray. Something something the test so let’s all do your best. So on on on on fight to the end. Honor and glory you must win. So fight fight fight for Washington State and victory.

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The reason you know the song (or at least most of it) is the same reason I know the song. Because Tom Tuttle from Tacoma, Washington sang that song in the movie Volunteers. And so did his compatriots. Rather his comrades.

Well, I watched Volunteers again recently and was still amused by it. Yes, there are probably some stereotypes and gags that are dated. And some that would be considered offensive by today’s standards. But the movie is still a good movie in my book. Even though it taught me my alma mater’s rival school’s fight song.

I freely admit that I do not always choose great movies to watch. Maybe it is my taste or maybe it is the quality of the movies out there. I am not sure. But what I do know is that I like to watch movies that I know are going to be good. And those movies tend to be the movies I liked the last time I watched them. (But no. I do not think that watching movies should be like the movie Groundhog Day.)

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