Merry Christmas 2020 · 25 December 2020

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Merry Christmas!

I was not going to write something special for Christmas, but then I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. Again.

I love to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year. It is part of my own Christmas tradition. But the main reason I like to watch it is because of Linus van Pelt. Linus helps Charlie Brown understand the meaning of Christmas by quoting the gospel of Luke. It is the same story we read every Christmas. And we read it not because it is a nice story, but because it is history.

To be sure, the Christmas story is a beautiful story. But it would not be told without the gruesome events that happened around 30 years after baby Jesus was born. The Christmas story would not be told at all if Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection did not happen.

I marvel that Christianity is the only faith or religion that hinges on one historical event. If the Roman and Jewish authorities of Jesus’ time could have produced His body, we would not celebrate Christmas. If they could have refuted the claims of the apostles and other witnesses, we would not have any celebration of Christmas because Christ would not have come. And if Christ had not come, there would be no Christians at all.

Well, I am not here to start a Christmas debate. I am just musing and marveling. Musing that history would be so different without Jesus’ resurrection. Musing that people dispute the claims of the Bible because they happened so long ago, but ignore the fact that the accounts were written so quickly after the events happened. Marveling that the greatest person in all of history was born, crucified, and resurrected for my sake and for your sake. Marveling that one person could cause such a stir in the world even today. And marveling that we get to celebrate His birth each year in celebration of His whole life.

This year, Christmas reminds me I may not have started following Jesus because of history, but my faith is certainly made stronger knowing more about it. I am thankful that the writers of the New Testament wrote when others could dispute their claims. I am glad that they reported the facts of the events that happened. I am amazed that the Son of God came to this earth He created so that we might have a relationship with Him. And it all starts with Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas was released in 1965, but it still stirs my heart today. That is because Linus tells the story that is the foundation of Christmas. He tells Charlie Brown and us what Christmas is all about. I am so thankful that Charles M. Schulz told the Christmas story in such a unique and powerful way. It is why I watch the show every year.

Yes, Christmas time is here. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

© 2020 Michael T. Miyoshi

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