Valentine’s Day · 15 February 2008

“Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday,”
Is something I always like to say.
Especially when that day is near
It is a phrase that you loathe to hear.
For to you, Valentine’s Day is special indeed
And a thoughtful heartfelt present is your one need.
More than a rose bought on the way home
So for you now I write a special holiday poem.

This poem is to say, “It is you that I love,
And I think you were sent from heaven above.
Soul mates we are and always will be
From the day we first met until eternity.”
It is not about children ‘though we love them so
It is truest love that continues to grow
It is time spent together – the truest romance
Years spent cheek-to-cheek as we learn how to dance.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I give you this rhyme
To tell you our love will last for all time
I hope it is okay to give you this poem
And perhaps a small rose bought on the way home
For ‘though this rhyme is simple it comes from the heart
And I take back what I said when the poem did start
For this holiday poem I give you to say,
“I love you Lisa. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

© 2008 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Written for my wife for Valentine’s Day 2005.


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