Brilliant Idea · 6 March 2021

I do not know about you, but sometimes I think I have a brilliant idea. Then, I forget it.

We all have ideas. Ideas for great creations. Ideas for movies and books and videos. Ideas for blogs and vlogs. Ideas for pictures and drawings and… Well, you get the idea. We have ideas for everything under the sun. Or even under the moon and stars.

At any rate.

The interesting thing about those ideas is that when we get them, we think they are brilliant. (I know it is not just me.) We think that whatever idea it is in whatever area we are thinking of is going to be the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread. We just know that we are going to make it big with this great idea.

Again. I know I am not the only one that thinks that way. After all, there are so many examples of people who actually implemented their great ideas and actually did make it big. The folks who made and marketed sliced bread, for instance. (After all, it is what we compare every great and even not so great idea to.)

But back to brilliant ideas. I know that I have them. Or at least I have ideas that are brilliant to me. (Something that might approach mediocre in other words.) But be that as it may, I still think the brilliant ideas that I have are truly brilliant. At least until I forget them.

I do not know if you have ever had a brilliant idea that you forgot the next day, but I have. I just know I will remember the idea because it is so brilliant. And the next day, I do not have a clue what the idea was about. Was it about my next blog post? Was it about a book that I am writing or supposed to be writing? Was it about some invention that I will never create? I do not know. All I know is that I had the great idea, but now it is gone.

That is what happened to me the other day. I had a brilliant writing idea. I was walking up the stairs, and it hit me. The sad thing is that by the time I got to the top of the stairs, I had forgotten it. I was on the second step and eleven steps later, the brilliant idea was nowhere to be found. (I was actually on step three or four, but somehow “ten or nine steps later” does not sound as good as “eleven steps later.” Go figure.)

My friends would be the first to tell me that it is probably old timer’s disease. After all, I am so much older than my fifty-something year old friends. (A few years.) But older is older, and they constantly remind me that I will always be older than them.

Where was I again?

Oh yeah. Friends are amazing. They remind you that you are older than them. And when you forget something, they say you have old timer’s disease. They even blame getting old when you injure yourself. Or when you forget something. Or when you repeat yourself. That old timer’s disease is tiresome. And pervasive.

Where was I again? Oh yeah.

Brilliant ideas. We often have them. We cherish them. But when we do not write them down right away, they vanish. Or maybe that is just me. Still, I cannot really be faulted for forgetting a brilliant idea in eleven steps. Can I?

I hope you enjoyed my tribute to old friends. Especially if you are one of them (old or a friend). Maybe that was my brilliant idea.

© 2021 Michael T. Miyoshi

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