That Still Small Voice · 27 March 2021

That still small voice. I need to listen to it all the time.

I dropped a false floor panel on my finger the other day. I was pushing up the edge from underneath by reaching through an adjacent hole. It was tight and I had to push hard. When it finally released, it popped up, then came crashing down on my middle finger. I know why we have fingernails. That way we can smash those instead of our precious fingers.

I would have avoided the pain and subsequent (almost immediate) blood blister had I listened to that still small voice. “Get the suction cup lifter.” Simple. Direct. Easy to follow. It would have been quicker and I would not have pain every time I hit the I, comma, K, or 8 keys. (Mostly the K and comma keys.) Not that I am in great pain. Just annoying pain. Kinda like the shingles. (Get your vaccine.)

At any rate.

That still small voice is called conscience when we are contemplating doing something wrong. It is called experience when we are doing something we have stupidly done before. It is called the Holy Spirit when we need divine guidance. Actually, I think it is the Holy Spirit in all those cases. At least when that still small voice lines up with God’s holy word.

I know. People think that God only directs our steps on the big stuff. On the spiritual stuff. But on stuff that does not make any difference at all? Okay. Maybe a little difference. At least to the individual. I say sure. The more we walk in the light, the more God will direct our paths. The more we listen to and follow that still small voice, the more we will hear it. Especially, when we are already in conversation with God. Especially, when we are seeking His will for our lives.

I know it sounds crazy, but I believe that God can direct every little step we take. Like that old Bobby Brown song. Every Little Step. The song is surely not on the same subject, but the words ring true.

Every little step I take
You will be there.
Every little step I make
We’ll be together.

Or like the country song, Voices, by Chris Young. The voices in the singer’s head are people who have given him good advice. The people we spend time with will give us wisdom. Whether they are the wise people in the song or even the not so wise people in our lives.

But still. I know that the strongest voice, the quietest voice, the stillest voice is God’s voice. Elijah experienced it firsthand. God was not in the wind, earthquake, or fire. He was in the gentle whisper. (1 Kings 19:11-13) God was in the still small voice. And just as He was then, He is now. God speaks to us in the still small voice.

I do not need signs or wonders. Jesus said that a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign. (Matthew 12:39 and other places) I just need to know that I am walking beside my Lord and that He will guide me in even the smallest things. Things like getting the appropriate tool for the job at hand. It might sound silly, but God is even there to give that simple guidance.

I might be crazy thinking that I would not have a hurt finger and funky blister under my fingernail if I had just listened to the Holy Spirit. Perhaps that still small voice was just intuition or experience. Or maybe God really does care about taking care of our every need. Even preventing owies. From my perspective, I keep getting reminded to listen to the Holy Spirit. That still small voice.

So I try to listen to the still small voice. Even in the little things.

© 2021 Michael T. Miyoshi

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