No More Crocodile Tears · 17 April 2021

He no longer weeps those crocodile tears
The insincere sorrow that he showed through the years
He felt compassion as his empathy grew
Though he walked not a mile in his neighbors’ shoes.

It used to be that deep compassion he feigned
When he saw the homeless sleeping out in the rain
Yes he could shed crocodile tears on demand
For the plight of another he did not understand.

But then it did happen, he had a change of heart
Although some just thought that he was playing a part
Someone had grabbed him and shown him the way
The man that he was is gone today.

What were once crocodile tears are real tears now
His heart has been healed, he can feel it somehow
The heartache and pain of the wretched and poor.
He can now see what he never saw before.

From this man’s eyes, the scales have been shaken
From this man’s heart, the hate has been taken
He has opened the door to let love flow through
No more crocodile tears will he shed for you.

So if it is you who sheds crocodile tears
If you are the one insincere through the years
Know that you too can be healed if you follow the Way
You too can know love in your heart today.

Yes, you can have love and empathy too
Though you walk not a mile in your neighbors’ shoes
Just open your heart, let go, be sincere
And you can stop crying those crocodile tears.

National Poetry Month

Apparently, April is national poetry month. I did not realize that I should have been writing a poem a day in April. Ah well, maybe next year. I do have the one above though. I hope you liked it.

© 2021 Michael T. Miyoshi

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