Kimchi Is Not the Answer · 18 December 2021

I thought about it some more and realized that kimchi is really not the answer to COVID. (As if it ever was.)

Kimchi is NOT the answer to COVID despite anything you might have heard or read on the internet. Even in this blog. But there is much about kimchi to be heralded. After all, it is one of the most perfect foods, and should be considered to be its own food group. But there are a few drawbacks to kimchi. Especially, in the age of masks.

I was thinking about kimchi and masks when I was taken back in time.

One of my dear friends used to blow his breath into his hand and sniff it to see if he had bad breath or not. I laughed out loud a time or two when he used to do it. After all, if you cannot laugh at your friends, why are they your friends in the first place? At any rate, I used to think it funny when he checked the state of his own breath.

So what does checking your own bad breath have to do with kimchi and masks? Everything.

I know there are places in the world where people have worn mask for years. Places with extreme pollution. Places where people have been concerned about other people’s disease-ridden bodies long before COVID. Places where people think it is cool to look like you work in a hospital even though you are just hanging out with your friends. Okay. Maybe not the last one. But there have been places where people have worn masks for years. The people in those places have probably had the revelation I am about to reveal long before I did. The revelation that perhaps my friend was right all along. Perhaps you can smell your own bad breath by blowing it into your hand to check.

I came upon this revelation after I thought about kimchi. It is rather odd that I did not realize it before. Even though I have been wearing a mask all day for nearly a year, and for a year before that whenever I left the sequestering of my own home. That realization is that if you do not like the smell of your own bad breath, you probably ought to stay away from those foods that bounce back from your mask into your nose.

Think about it. When you breathe out, your mask catches the odors of your breath and throws them back into your inhaling nose. So you get to smell what you ate all day long. Unless you brush after every meal. (Yes. There are people who are concerned about their health who do that.) So unless you actually like the way your breath smells after you eat kimchi, you might not want to use it to keep others away. After all, you cannot keep away from yourself.

Personally, I eat whatever food I want to eat, stinky or not. I guess I am just used to my own bad breath.

Well, there you have it. (No. That is not going to be my new catchphrase.) Kimchi really is not the solution to COVID. But it still might be the solution to keeping people away from you. At least if you can stand to keep smelling your own odoriferous breath as you wear your health mask.

In the end, I would still encourage people to eat kimchi. Even if you do not like to smell your own kimchi breath. After all, kimchi is the perfect food. Even though it is not the answer.

© 2021 Michael T. Miyoshi

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