Not Allowed to Use Glue · 22 January 2022

I am not allowed to use glue. Ever. Okay. That is a lie. But it is probably the way it should be. I like glue, but it does not like me.

I like to be craftsy. Well, maybe artsy. At any rate, I like to be creative. But doing arts and crafts is not always my thing. Especially, when it comes to glue. Glue is messy. Glue is my nemesis.

If you think back to elementary school, there was always somebody who poured glue on his or her fingertips. “Look. No fingerprints.” That person was not me. I was the person, who regardless of how neat I tried to be, could never keep the glue off of everything. Including me. Especially me. I usually got it where it needed to be, but I also got it on the work surface, the surfaces that did not need to be glued, my clothes, myself. Practically everything.

When I was a little older and started making plastic models from kits, I would get model glue everywhere too. My beautiful automobiles would have their surfaces marred by globs or streaks of glue. The models themselves would be put together properly, but they just looked funny with the ugly, gluey surfaces.

Unfortunately, I have never gotten over that.

You would think that over time a person would get better at doing something like gluing. But not me. At least not with gluing. I still leave messes. It is still a good thing that the glue I use dries mostly transparent. And that it cleans up with water. At least off of myself. I constantly have glue on my hands and clothes when I use the stuff. Even if I am careful. Even if I do not use too much.

Which brings me back to the rule.

I am not allowed to use glue. At least not unsupervised. At least not in good clothes. At least not on arts and crafts. When I am using glue on wood, things are okay. I can clamp things together and wipe off the excess glue and everything will be fine. Now that I think of it, maybe one day I could even try doing a model again. But then again, maybe not. That type of glue does not wipe off at all. And it gets everywhere. Especially on my fingers. Ah well.

It is funny. I no longer have the excuse of being a little kid with no dexterity or very little concern for getting glue everywhere when I use glue. But I still try to stay away from it. I think glue has a mind of its own and just likes to jump to my fingers and my clothes and the work surface and everywhere else. So even though I really am allowed to use glue, I try to stay away from it. But when asked about my hesitancy to use permanent adhesives, I just say, “I am not allowed to use glue.”

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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