Social Media Presence · 5 February 2022

I have a social media presence. Not much of one, but I do have one.

I have been blogging once a week for many years now. And somewhere in there, I got a Twitter account. Sometime later, I found out there were hashtags (#) so I started following and using a few. Technically, I suppose that you do not follow a hashtag. But you can follow somebody who consistently puts out a particular hashtag. And you can put out tweets or posts with hashtags so that other people can see them or retweet and repost them.

The hashtags that I use most often are #SixWordStory, #6Words, #WritingCommunity, #ThursdayThoughts, and #MondayBlogs.

I enjoy writing six-word stories. They are challenging and a fun warm-up for my daily writing. I follow so I can see those prompts, and I use #SixWordStory #6Words #WritingCommunity hashtags so that people interested in those things can see them. The challenge is, of course, to write a story with six words or less that people can understand. Which means that you need to have a bit of cultural literacy and a good command of language. Which can be a challenge sometimes. Especially for me.

I happened upon #ThursdayThoughts and #MondayBlogs a long time ago. I do not even know how or when. I only know that I started using them as part of my weekly blogging routine. I use #ThursdayThoughts as a preview for my blog post (which is released on Saturday). Then, I use #MondayBlogs to point to my blog post again. It has worked out to be an easy routine. And maybe I have gotten a few people to read my blog by using those hashtags. Maybe.

The question is: Do those few hashtags plus daily and weekly posts really count as a social media presence? I would guess that experts on social media and advertising and such would say, “No. Certainly not.” Which is okay. I have a small following of readers (both real and imaginary), but they are loyal. And no. They are not all short. There are just not that many of them. And maybe they appreciate that I do not bombard the internet with social media posts every hour as some people seemingly do. Then again, I do not have that much time to do so. To write or read on any social media platform. (By the way, if you have not noticed yet, there is no end to online posts on any social media platform.)

I suppose that I probably ought to post something about my books (ad) and such on my social media. At least every once in a while. That is what promoters are supposed to do. And I do not think it would be too obnoxious to say that I have digital books on Amazon. At least not if I did so once a week. Maybe if I did that, I could actually say that I have a social media presence. But alas. I will probably not do that. At least not with any consistency. Still, someday I may decide to up my game as far as social media is concerned. But who knows.

It is funny. Those hashtags and just being consistent are the sum total of my social media presence. Not much, I know. But at least it is something. And that is okay with me.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. I pop into the #WritingCommunity hashtag at times, too.

    It’s so big and busy.

    Sometimes I wish there were quieter hashtags related to that subject so I could get to know other folks better.

    Lydia · 7 February 2022, 07:05 ·

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