Hot Water · 12 March 2022

Speaking of creature comforts…

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. When it rains it pours. Murphy’s Law is so true. If you have been keeping up with my life as shown in my blog, you know that we lost heat in our house for about a week or so. Turns out that was not the only heater that failed in the last few weeks. Good ol’ Murphy. It seems you can always count on him to show up when things go wrong.

(By the way. If you are not familiar with Mr. Murphy, he apparently said that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Or something like that. A corollary to that would be: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong at the same time. Or nearly so.)

As it turned out, our hot water heater sprung a leak. Less than a week after our new furnace got installed. I went out to the garage in the morning to save the newspaper bag for our delivery person and I heard the sound of water. Not water flowing in the pipes, but water flowing in a stream. Not a big stream. But a stream nonetheless. Now I may not be the brightest bulb in the light fixture, but I knew for sure there was no stream in our garage. At least, there was not supposed to be. So I climbed over all the detritus and saw that the hot water heater had sprung a leak.

Apparently, the leak started sometime in the twenty-four hours since I had last been in the garage. Thankfully, the water had just streamed along a fairly narrow path out of the garage. But I did not find that out until later when I was cleaning it all up getting ready for the installer.

Which is another different part of the story.

When you call somebody to get an appointment to install a new hot water heater, make sure that you can receive calls. I missed a call that I had been waiting for. I could not for the life of me figure out why I missed it, but I did. Turns out that you cannot hang the Do Not Disturb sign out on your phone. I could not figure out why it was that I was looking at the phone over and over again waiting for the call, but no call came. I had turned on the sound for the ringer, but apparently, I had forgotten to turn off the Do Not Disturb setting. I forgot that it was set for the time school is in session.

Well, to make s short story a little longer, I also found out that I had turned on settings that would not even let me see that I had gotten a call. No notifications. No little dots on my phone app that said I got a call. No nothing.

I was actually in the process of calling somebody else after waiting hours for the call that I thought never came. I had my phone out and had the phone app running. I was ready to dial when I saw that there was a voice mail message. It was the call I had been waiting for. And the people had called over four hours before that.

It would be a great story (okay, mediocre story at best) if I had figured out the whole Do Not Disturb thing right then. I could have hit my head with the heel of my hand and said, “I could have had a V8.” But I did not figure it out until the next day. I realized that I would need to get a call the next day to actually schedule the installation. That was when I realized I had hung out the Do Not Disturb sign on my phone.

Well, it turns out that this blog post had little to do with the original premise. But that is okay. I do not want to rename it or revise it. I like the story. It points to yet another reason why I have so many foibles and follies to write about. But I will say this about creature comforts. Regardless of how we have seen Murphy’s Law in our lives recently, we have much to thank the Lord for at our house. Heat and hot water, just to name two.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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