Write Something Profound · 23 April 2022

I would like to write something profound. Just once.

I am not sure that writers really set out to write things that are profound, but then again, maybe they do. Some surely succeed. Some surely do not. Or maybe that is just perception. Perhaps writers who seem profound never really did set out to write anything profound. Perhaps they just set out to write. Perhaps they felt compelled to write. And in all the writing that they did, somebody found something profound. Whether it was meant to be there or not.

I tend to think that most authors do not intend to write anything profound. They just write. They write stories and people think those stories are profound. But when those same writers actually set out to write something profound, nobody thinks that particular writing is very profound. But then again. Maybe that is just me. Or maybe that is just my conjecture.

When I look at writing objectively, trying to write something profound is a wild goose chase. At best.

Unless of course, I just want to be literal.

Something profound.

There. I wrote “something profound.” Woo hoo! I accomplished my goal for the day.

But seriously. When we really think about it. Writing is like that. We cannot write something profound just by sitting down with the goal of writing something profound. At least I cannot. I can barely write anything coherent, let alone profound. But that is okay. I do not write for the critic. I write for an audience of one really. I write for myself. Yes. I write for my readers. (Both real and imaginary.) But none of them has ever said that I was profound. And I do not expect them to do so. Probably because I do not take myself too seriously. Yes. I take my writing seriously. How can I not. After all, if I was not serious, I would not sit at my keyboard six days a week trying to come up with something that might be considered a little more (or maybe less) than drivel. Again, I do not do it for the critics. I do it because to not write would be like trying to go through life without breathing. (I am sure I have said that many times before.)

Well, if you have read this far, you know that I am probably not going to say anything more profound that saying the words, “something profound.” But that is okay. I am okay with not being profound or deep or meaningful. I am okay with being just a hack with a website. I am okay with being a monkey at a keyboard. I may never come up with the works of Shakespeare or anything even close, but perhaps my writing might be a little more coherent than that proverbial monkey.

If someday more than a couple people actually read my writing, perhaps they will deem it worthy of critique and study. Perhaps they will put deeper meaning into the words where no deeper meaning was meant. And that is okay. Just know this day that even when I want to write something profound, I never do. Unless it is by accident.

I know. Not very profound. Ah well.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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