Somebody’s Sixtieth Birthday · 30 April 2022

If somebody you know is having a sixtieth birthday, make sure that you say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Some people downplay the fact that they are turning a certain age. Fifty. Sixty. Seventy. One-Hundred. Okay. Maybe people do not downplay 100, but they often do downplay other milestone years. Those decade years seem to be the ones. So when somebody turns thirty or fifty or sixty, make sure to commemorate those years. At least make sure that you let those people know you are thinking about them on their special days. On their special years.

Somebody I know is turning sixty. Or by the time most people read this, will have already turned sixty. I cannot name this person lest I be chastised. But I want her to know that I know it is a special day. A special year. And that she (who must not be named in this blog lest I be chastised and browbeaten) is special. So I say to her, “Happy sixtieth birthday!”

By the way, if you know somebody who is going to turn sixty who does not really want people to know that he or she is turning sixty, do not say anything about the number. After all, some people are sensitive about those things. You probably know somebody like that. Somebody who is having his or her thirtieth birthday for the thirtieth or thirty-first time. Which by the way, is not the case of the person I am talking about.

(I do not know if you know this, but it is difficult talking about somebody when you cannot say anything personal about the person. It is like keeping a secret about a surprise party or a surprise gift. Which is not to say that anything like that is going to happen or did happen. After all, I would get in trouble for surprises too. But that is quite another story. Which cannot be told either.)

Well, I am not sure I can say much more about sixtieth birthdays without mentioning the birthday girl. Or at least without giving more specifics about the birthday girl. I will say this though. I might not be the best gift giver or the best party planner or the best anything for that matter, but I do care. I do try to make sure the people in my life know that I care. I may not remember all their birthdays or other milestones. I may not call or write as much as I ought to. But I do what I can to let people know that I care. Which may or may not include writing about them. Even without really writing about them. I hope that counts for something.

Well, to she who must not be named in this blog lest I be chastised and browbeaten, I wish a happy sixtieth birthday.


© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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