Waiting · 23 July 2022

There are times when I have a blog post ready, but I need to wait for a picture.

I usually get pictures for my blog from a royalty free service that I use. I paid for the service (along with other author services), but I do not pay for each picture I use. Which is a great thing. I also use my own pictures too. Unfortunately, sometimes I need pictures from other people. Which means that sometimes I need to wait.

Of course, it does help reduce the wait time when you actually send the request for said pictures in a timely fashion. Which means that sometimes you need to write the blog post early enough to ask for said pictures in said timely manner. Which means that sometimes you need to write said blog post before you know that you need to write said blog post even though you cannot predict the future or know what your feelings will be like. Or maybe that is just me.

At any rate.

I sometimes write blog posts that are personal enough to need personal photos. Which means that sometimes I need to ask before or at least soon after I write the post. Which, like I already said, sometimes means that I need to predict the future of my writing. Which is almost impossible.

In reality, I wonder how the pros do it. I wonder how professional columnists and bloggers and other people who write on timely subjects actually plan their releases. I wonder how you can write something that will be timely and smart and provocative and interesting on a deadline. Is it just the difference between being a professional writer and not? I do not know. All I know is that I can churn out a piece of drivel as quickly as the next guy, but I sometimes need to wait for the proper picture. Which means that I need to ask for said picture. If said picture even exists. Which could be a problem.

At any rate.

I do not know about you, but sometimes waiting just means that you need to be more creative. Which is a good thing. Even if it is not the most fun thing. After all, being creative can be a pain.

Well, if you were waiting for me to actually say something, I guess you missed the point of my blog. Sometimes I just write. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes not. And sometimes I just start a bunch of sentences the same way and use other literary devices ad nauseam. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Thanks for reading. And for waiting with me while I wait for a picture.

(In reality, I actually ended up using a picture that I already had on a blog post I already posted. Ah well. So much for waiting.)

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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