Nothing New Under the Sun · 10 September 2022

There is nothing new under the sun or under my blog banner.

Solomon said, “Vanity of vanities… There is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2, 9 ESV) Or something like that. Of course, he was talking about all of life. The struggles and strifes and victories and glories. They are all the same. Life goes ever onward. And it is all the same. It is all vanity. It is all worthless. (Which is the second definition of vanity.) Solomon does end his discourse with hope. “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13 ESV)

Now lest you think that I am going to preach on, I am not. The last paragraph is the only preaching I will do. Instead, I want to talk about the worthlessness of blogging. What!? That cannot be. For how can a person who blogs talk about the worthlessness of blogging? For shame.

No. I am not saying that blogging is worthless. I am not really even saying that my blog is worthless. I am merely saying that sometimes I feel that I have written stuff that is worthless or at the very least stuff that has been written before. Even stuff that I have written before. In fact, I was going to write a piece about recycled writing and found that I have already written such a piece. With that exact title. Recycled Writing.

When I saw that I hung my head in shame and wondered why I am still blogging after all these years. Blogging in obscurity. Blogging with the same few readers (both real and imaginary). Even blogging with the same running gags. Sheesh.

But then I remembered. Even if I do reuse and recycle some of my writing, I am still writing. Maybe the same subjects. Maybe even some of the same words. But I am still writing. Maybe that actually means something. Even if that something is just persistence.

Then I remembered something else. That something else is that I am a glutton for punishment. Punishment from both myself and my two readers. Which is not to say that my two readers punish me all the time, but they certainly do punish me at times. Not that I consider it all punishment either. After all, their punishment is just their way of showing affection.

Which is also something I have written about before. Sheesh.

There is nothing new under the sun. Or in my blog posts. I should just accept that and move on. And I should remember my whole duty. That is enough.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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