Inktober 2022 Is Nearly Upon Us · 24 September 2022

Whether or not you are an artist, you should know that Inktober is nearly upon us.

I may not be an artist, but I like to be creative. It is in my DNA. Actually, I think creativity is in everybody’s DNA. But if you are like me, you like to have prompts. You want people to tell you what to draw rather than just trying to draw something from your mind. Or maybe that is just me.

It seems that whenever I try to draw something from my brain, it usually ends up with a poor rendition of a Bob Ross painting. I draw a mountain with a lake. Then, I put in some trees and the reflection of those trees. Then, I put in some foreground stuff to make it look more real and to frame the scene. Or something like that. I have never painted like Bob Ross, but I have drawn many of those kinds of scenes.

But I like to get out of my comfort zone. I like to draw people. And I like to draw cars. And I like to draw all sorts of other things. But when I get in front of a blank piece of paper, I do not always know what to draw.

That is where Inktober comes in.

Inktober is really just a set of thirty-one prompts. You draw thirty-one things in thirty-one days. In ink. Oh sure, you can draw them with pencil and then ink them. (That is what I have often done in the past.) But the outcome is supposed to be thirty-one ink drawings. In thirty-one days. Just one drawing each day in October. Supposedly October.

In reality, there are no start or end dates. The website does not say that you ought to do a drawing each day. In fact, their prompts are posted well ahead of time. So people can start drawing whenever they think of going to the site. They can start their gargoyles and bats and eagles whenever they feel like it. They can figure out how to draw scurry and salty and bluff as soon as they go to the site. They are just prompts. No pressure.

Okay. There is a little pressure.

The pressure comes in the sharing. The rules say that you ought to share your art with somebody. Even just posting a picture on the refrigerator. I like that thought. After all, I already said that I think we are all creative. And if we are all creative, we ought to share that creativity with others. Even if those others are just family members who will like whatever we created. Even if those others are those who have always posted our art on their refrigerators regardless of its quality.

(Click the picture to watch my Inktober 2020 video.)

I really like Inktober. It is a great time to show off your stuff. Whether your stuff really merits showing off or not. Which is the whole point. Creativity is always worthwhile to show to others. And if you are like me, Inktober gives you some prompts for your creativity to shine.

So be creative. Join in the fun and creativity that is Inktober. And start whenever you want. There is no rule about when to start or end. (Even though I said in the beginning that Inktober is almost upon us.)

So get drawing. And inking. After all, Inktober is almost upon us.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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