Prompts · 22 October 2022

I think I am going to try something new. I think I am going to grab pictures as prompts for my blog posts.

I am a boring person. Really. I know that sounds hard to believe, but I do not live that exciting of a life. I read. I write. I go to work. I eat. I try to exercise each day. And I spend time with my family. That is about it. Pretty boring to many folks. Just normal for others.

Oh life was not always like that. It just seems to have slowed down. It seems that when the kids are older, they are not as active. You do not need to go see their concerts or their games. And since our kids have no kids (yet), there are no grandkid activities to be a part of either. Which means that we do not need to (or maybe get to) go out much.

Do not get me wrong. I do not mind not going out. I get out enough to do my things. But not getting out much means that I do not have many opportunities to find humor or something interesting in what we are doing. In other words, not going out much means that I do not have as many opportunities to make blunders and have something to write about.

Which brings me back to my original thought. I am going to grab pictures and write about them.

Now, if you have been reading my blog for very long, you will have noticed that I have not had many captions on many pictures for a few years. That just means that the pictures I have been using have not been from sites that I need to give credit to. Or that I have taken the pictures or created the art myself. Which has been great.

Those pictures that I have not taken are part of a service that I paid for a few years ago. I have access to royalty free pictures. All I do is logon to the service and put in my single keyword and look for pictures. Sometimes there are lots of pictures. Sometimes a few. Sometimes none. It has been great. I just figure out the word that is going to get me the best pictures and voilà. I have pictures to go with my blog post.

Now I am going to do it the other way. (At least sometimes.) I am going to get those pictures first and come up with the story behind them. My blog post will match the picture perfectly because it will be about the picture. I am excited about the prospect.

One of the reasons I am excited about this new adventure is because I had a similar experience a bunch of years ago with my friend across the hall at work. Tim was trying to teach me how to write screenplays. So he would get out his trusty dusty wheel of prompts and give me one a day. I would write the 60 second short in my head on my commute home, and then put it on my computer when I got there. It was great fun. So much fun that I have a book that is a collection of those short movies. (I even published it on Amazon.)

For those of you who have read my blog for years, do not worry. I will still write about my own foibles and follies. I will surely not run out of those. After all, I am human. So of course, I will err.

Well, I hope that you enjoy the coming blog posts that originate from picture prompts. And if you have an idea for me to write about, put it in the comments. You never know. I might write about something that you prompted me to write.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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