Halloween Comes and Goes but Batman Miyoshi Lives Forever · 5 November 2022

Halloween comes and goes but Batman Miyoshi lives on forever.

When our boys were young we used to take them out trick or treating on Halloween. They would dress up in great costumes. I would put on my cowboy hat and cowboy boots and pretend I was John Wayne and we would all walk around the neighborhood trick or treating. It was great fun.

One of the greatest costumes that the kids used to wear was a Batman costume. It had a cape and a mask and wristbands with jaggedy things sticking out like the Batman of old. But the best thing about the Batman costume was the abs. Those abs made of some kind of foam showed through the Batcostume. Just like the abs of Adam West did when he played Batman. Okay. Adam West did not have those rock hard abs like the actors all seem to have today, but his abs still stuck out. So to speak.

At any rate.

Like all good costumes, the Batman costume still hangs in the closet and gets reused. Oh sure, it does not fit anybody in our household. After all, nobody is eight anymore. Which I believe is about the age of child the Batman costume would normally fit. Even so the Batman costume gets taken out every year for Halloween. Or at least every year that Halloween is on a weekday.

You might be thinking that I just get the costume out to reminisce about the old days, but you would be mistaken. I get out the costume and put it on. I put on the Batmask (the eyeholes do not get anywhere near my eyes). I put on the Batwrist thingamabobs. I put on the Batcape. Which of course has the Batabs. None of them really fit except the Batwrist thingamabobs, but that is okay. I still wear the whole getup. It is tradition. Batman Miyoshi lives.

One of the most fun things that I have done with Batman Miyoshi is make educational videos. I have done Physics with Batman. And C++ with Batman. They are perhaps the most beloved of the videos I have done. And since they are on the internet, Batman Miyoshi lives forever. Which is okay with me. After all, I think that kids can learn when they are entertained. Even though I do not know that I am that entertaining.

It is funny though. I get the funniest looks from students as I stand in my classroom or greet students in the hallway between classes as Batman. Well, I get the funniest looks from the kids who have not seen Batman roaming the halls before. They make comments and smile and even greet me as Batman. One student even asked if my abs were real. I know he was joking, but it was still a nice comment.

The students who have been around just expect Batman to show up as my substitute every year. Well, they expect me to show up as my alter ego each Halloween. They even wonder why I do not dress up on the Friday before Halloween if it falls on a weekend. So sometimes I do.

I may not fight crime in the dark of night. I may not really have an alter ego. I may not even have rock hard abs. But I like to bring Batman Miyoshi back each year at Halloween. After all, Batman lives forever.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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