Veterans Day 2022 · 11 November 2022

I do not tire of saying, “Thank you for serving,” to veterans and active duty people I know.

Veterans Day comes every November 11, but I like to thank veterans and active duty members of the armed forces whenever I meet them. I also take that holiday to say, “Thank you,” to my friends and relatives who served or are serving. And I never tire of doing so. It is because I do not want to take their service for granted.

We should never forget that freedom is not free. Somebody has paid for our freedom with blood. Many of those people who have paid for our freedom have served or are serving in the armed forces today. Some of them have paid with time and service. Some of them have paid with blood. And some of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“Greater love has no one…”

It is interesting to think that any member of the armed forces is willing to lay down his or her life for the freedom of others. To protect and preserve freedom. To defend the constitution of these United States. And to defend freedom in other countries where people serve. But I think that is the point of Veterans Day. Not only do we honor those who did give the ultimate sacrifice, we honor those who were and are willing to do so.

I think that is the reason I like to thank our armed service personnel for serving. It is the reason I like to thank our veterans for serving. They are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice. Whether they do so or not does not matter. They are willing.

Veterans Day and any day that I meet a veteran or active duty member of the armed forces, I say, “Thank you for serving.” And when I say those words, I also mean thank you for being willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom.

Thank you for serving. I thank you on this Veterans Day and I thank you every day.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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