I Sold Another Book · 22 April 2023

I sold another book! Woo hoo!

It is funny. When you think of an author selling a book, you think of that author getting the book published by some book company. Or making a movie deal. Not so with self-published authors. At least not so with me. When I say that I sold another book, I really just sold one book.

Now, I know in the grand scheme of things, selling a single print-on-demand book is not that great of an accomplishment. It does not generate much revenue. After all, it is just one book. But also in the grand scheme of things, it is one book. Woo hoo!

The great thing about this one book sale is that it now makes three months in a row that I have sold at least one book. Okay. Three months in the last four. (I think.) And yes, one book sale in each month. So I have sold at least three books in the last four months. Woo hoo!

Now lest you think that I am crazy for crowing about a single book sale in each of three months, I must say that I have something else to report. A trend. That is right. I have noticed a trend. Okay. I had to go back a couple months before that to see the trend, but it is there. And yes. I know that looking at three of four book sales is not really what would normally be called a trend. But still…

What is that trend? I am glad you asked.

The trend is that three of the last four books I sold were the same book, rather the same book title. Two were digital books, but one was a printed book. Which is pretty cool. That three people bought the same book of mine is amazing. Or I suppose that it could be two or even just one person who bought the book. But it does not matter. That I have had any book sales is always amazing to me. Not because I do not think I am a great writer. I just do not think I am a great promoter.

(Okay. I do not think of myself as a great writer. But I do think I write okay. At least approaching mediocre. But I know I am an awful promoter.)

So where was I? Oh yes. Trends.

If the latest trend continues, I might be able to sell nearly a dozen books by the end of the year. That would be something. Especially considering that I have probably only sold that many books since I started self-publishing my books over a decade ago. And if that trend of doubling my sales every decade continues, I might sell a few dozen books before I turn one-hundred. Woo hoo!

(#ad) D.B. Cooper and Me

Okay. I know it is nothing to brag about, but I am actually excited that I have sold a few books. And I am excited that I have sold a few of the same book. Not that it is really a trend, but it would be cool if it was. It would be cool if everybody bought my book D.B. Cooper and Me. It is a simple piece of fiction, but it is a fun story about my fictional uncle meeting a fictional D.B. Cooper. For more of the story, you will need to get the book. (Wow! That was an amazing paragraph of promotion.)

So to all you aspiring writers out there, get busy. If I can write and sell a book, you can too.

I know I should not brag, but I need to say it again. I sold another book! Woo hoo!

© 2023 Michael T. Miyoshi

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