Vacation Bragging · 5 August 2023

I wonder if vacation bragging is really a thing.

We all know what vacation is. And we all know what bragging is. So vacation bragging must be when you tell everybody how great your vacation was hoping that they might get a little jealous of where you went or how long you went or just that you went. In reality, I am not sure that I really want to do any vacation bragging. After all, I do not want anybody getting jealous that I went someplace far away. But just saying that you went on a vacation to someplace far away seems like vacation bragging in and of itself.

I must admit that I get a little envious when I hear of somebody going to places far away. Places where I have only heard about or seen pictures of. Places where I might like to travel one day. But just a little envious. After all, I am content with my station in life. I am happy to be who I am where I am doing what I am doing.

At any rate.

We recently went to Hawai’i for vacation. It was marvelous. I even already wrote about it in one of my latest blog posts. And since I wrote about it already, I do not need to say much more about it. Except that it was marvelous. Simply marvelous.

But back to vacation bragging.

If you have ever been in a conversation with somebody who is vacation bragging, you know exactly what I am talking about. You might have started the conversation and asked if somebody did anything exciting during vacation, but you did not expect to get an hour long dissertation about the location and all the fun things your friend did while there. And did he or she mention that the place was exotic? And marvelous. And did he say that he wished you were there about a hundred times? If so, your friend was probably vacation bragging. And he did not really wish you were there. Probably.

Now, I am not saying this to stop people from telling me about their vacations. I love to hear about where people went, what they saw, what people they met. I truly do. I just filter out the bragging part if they are vacation bragging. But then again, I think the people I know must not really like to vacation brag. Or they have not gotten the hang of it yet. After all, the people I usually talk to about vacation need prompting for them to tell me about what they saw and the people they met. Of course, the people that I know are usually kids. Who seem to travel way more than I ever did.

Which maybe is a different sort of vacation bragging. Treating the exotic vacation as something normal.

“Ah. We just went to Tahiti. For the seventh time.”
“Oh. We took a Caribbean Cruise for a month.”
“We jetted off to Europe for the whole summer.”

Okay. I do not know anybody who treats vacations like that either. In fact, I do not know that I know anybody who does vacation bragging. People I know are excited about where they went, but they do not want to bore you with the details. At least not unless you ask them to do so. They will tell you a couple highlights, and they will be excited when they do. But they will not try to make you feel envious or jealous. They just hope that you get the chance to go there too someday.

And maybe that is the point. People only vacation brag when it is in the script. They only do it in the movies or on TV. Or maybe I just do not know people who vacation brag. Maybe I just know people who genuinely want the best for people they know. Or when it comes right down to it, maybe vacation bragging is not really a thing.

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