I Love Blogging But… · 26 August 2023

I love blogging, but lately I have been consumed with other projects that need to be done.

If you are a writer, you know that you need to write all the time. Every day. Or at least you need to have a habit of writing that you stick to. I tend to write in the mornings before I go to work and on Saturday mornings too. It is a good habit. One I have kept for many years. One that I am loathe to miss even when I am on vacation. Or sick. Although I will skip a day or two if I am too sick.

My main writing used to be my blog posts. And when I was not writing my blog post, I would often write in a journal to just jot down my thoughts. And of course, to keep up my habit of writing six days a week. But lately I have been blogging at the last minute. Like I used to do. Or I force myself to make sure that I take one day a week to write my blog. It is not that I do not still like blogging. I do. I love to blog. I love to keep in touch with all of my readers (both real and imaginary).

So no. Blogging has not become a chore that I must do each week. It is just that I have other projects that are demanding my attention. Other projects that are consuming me. Other projects that are gaining momentum.

The interesting thing about writing projects is that they seem to gain momentum the more you work on them. Ideas come and the words flow. And it is difficult to stop the flow even when you are not writing. Which is where I am now. The story is just flowing. As if I am merely a recorder of the story, not the creator. (Which is an interesting thought that I may explore in a future blog post.)

The thing with momentum is that you do not need to work very hard to keep it up. In the physical world, it takes a while to get the momentum of a large object going, but once it is going, you just need a little energy to keep it going. The same is true in writing. Once the project is up and running, you just need to work on it a little bit each day and the story keeps flowing. It is how I finished my last book (which is sitting patiently waiting for editing) and how I am going with my newest book. I just work on it a little bit each day and the story keeps moving along.

This story writing momentum is a fairly new thing for me. I do not know that I have ever experienced it before. Maybe I had it with my D.B. Cooper story. I remember I had a couple places where the story bogged down because I had to do more research, but I finished it rather quickly once I started it. Of course I had been writing that story in my mind for many years before it ever got into my computer. In fact, D.B. Cooper and Me may be the oldest story that I have ever written. Or at least it took the longest to get from idea to finished product. Which is my point about momentum. D.B. Cooper took a while to get going. Yet even with that story, once the momentum was going, I just had to feed the engine a little bit of fuel. I just had to write a little bit each day to keep the story going.

Which brings me back to my original thought. I really do love to blog. Even after all these years of putting stuff out there for my few faithful readers. But as much as I hate to say it, sometimes my blog post duties take a little momentum from my other projects. And that is something that I do not want to do.

Like I said. I love blogging, but right now I need to keep the momentum going on my current project. So heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to write I go.

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